Other Genealogy Sites [– C A Abernathy’s] (2017)

UPDATE – 10 August 2017

I have been doing some site “cleaning” and rebuilding; to repair and correct problems with citations, DEAD links and other issue on my older post and pages.

This page is getting a major re-build; soon it will have more links added, as I work through my other BLOGS — Why the cleaning, and why now?

Let us just say that there was a problem with 1 post (out of thousands), and I want to be sure that the “issue” has been resolved, and won’t happen again.

For now, this list is short…I will keep you posted as I make progress on the updates.

— C A Abernathy


Related family BLOGS / additional reading and genealogy resources:

1) http://calcisalabama.wordpress.com

2) http://catawbafamilies.wordpress.com

3) http://teaguefamilyalabama.wordpress.com


PLUS these are some I want to feature — they include connections to MY ancestors:

1) http://toerivervalleync.wordpress.com

2) http://abbevilleancestors.wordpress.com

3) http://cherokeecousins.wordpress.com

4) http://coosacounty.wordpress.com

5) http://knotworks.wordpress.com


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